Launching our sustainability strategy, 2020-2025

Thakeham is an infrastructure led sustainable placemaker. We believe we have a responsibility as community creators, to understand that climate change is the most important issue facing us and future generations which promises extreme weather events and a climate that existing developments and houses aren’t designed to face.​​​​​​​

We have been studying the commitments and ambitions across the construction industry as a whole and listening to industry leaders in sustainability. We believe there is a substantial gap and that housebuilders just aren’t doing enough.

Thakeham is working with a range of industry experts, partnering with organisations with a long history of championing meaningful change such as The Wildlife Trust and The Plunkett Foundation. Our work alongside other exemplar housebuilders as part of the House Builders Federation’s Future Homes Taskforce puts us in the position of leading the industry and demonstrating the art of the possible. We believe in sharing knowledge, being the agents for change and inspiring a way forward.

Zero Carbon Placemaking is our aspiration in the short term, and therefore we are launching our Sustainability Strategy with three key themes: Climate Action, Nature Recovery, People and Communities.  This strategy will be integrated throughout our operations and communications, putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Thakeham gives clients and customers the chance of a new home that helps them make the planet a better place for future generations, creating and enhancing communities to focus and educate on the way we live our lives and the footprint we leave on the planet. I look forward to a world where seeing a hedgehog is an everyday experience, where you can be sure that the production of your home has a positive impact on communities and the environment, and that where you live inspires a change in behaviour with sustainability at the heart.

Rob Boughton
CEO, Thakeham Group

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