Our vision

Thakeham’s vision is to create a successful, sustainable place where people aspire to live; a characterful new neighbourhood of outstanding homes sitting comfortably alongside existing homes; offering residents and visitors a high quality of life, both now and in the future.

  • Homes will be zero carbon in lifetime operation and each home built will be carbon neutral in production
  • More green spaces for local families
  • Ease the pressure on first time buyers, key workers and key workers  with quality affordable homes
  • Investment in amenities including new sporting, healthcare and education facilities
  • In collaboration with our partners, The Plunkett Foundation, Thakeham will gift premises to a Community Trust delivering community owned and run shops, pub and cafe
  • Delivering a sustainable community delivering a net bio-diversity gain of at least 20%
  • The inclusion of wildlife-friendly features into buildings such as bird boxes, bat boxes and ‘insect hotels’ will integrate with new wildlife corridors through the new community

Community Life

As well as a network of green corridors creating new foot path links and integrating the existing Public Right of Ways, this new community will enjoy centrally located healthcare facilities, local green and play spaces, new community centres, shops, cafes and pubs; all to ensure that the principles of NHS Healthy Towns are implemented and enjoyed by this community’s new residents.

Zero Carbon Placemaking

Thakeham is passionately committed to providing sustainable solutions to create a better environment for future generations. As well as zero carbon production and operation, Thakeham is taking steps to significantly improve the design and layout of our new communities, with environment considered from the outset and throughout the design and build process.

Our environmental  strategy focuses on: Climate Change, Nature Recovery, People and Communities.

Read more on the changes we’re making to reduce our impact on the environment here

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