Thakeham believes that climate change is one of the most significant environmental challenges of the 21st century, and that we have a responsibility to act now.  Delaying action on climate change will be costly for our natural environment, to humans and the economy, and we believe that urgent action is necessary to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Thakeham is taking a highly proactive approach in responding to the climate crisis, setting ourselves challenging targets. Our level of understanding behind the relationship between operational and production carbon emissions means that we are streets ahead of our competitors.


Placemaking inspires us to reimagine and reinvent spaces as the heart of every community effort to tackle climate change, strengthening the connection between people and the places they share. For Thakeham, Zero Carbon Placemaking represents the collective impact of our commitment to zero carbon homes, active transport, biodiversity, water neutrality, and community-owned assets, central to creating a more resilient and sustainable community than looking at these topics in isolation. Find out more about our commitment to zero carbon homes here.


We’re paying more attention to the lifecycle of raw materials used in our business, with an aim to move systems and materials towards a circular economy. We are committed to reducing the impact of the production of homes through carbon neutral production, modern methods of construction, waste and water efficiency. Find out more about our commitment to carbon neutral production here.


We believe we create more sustainable places because we started this journey together as a business, learning more about sustainability through training from experts, improving our office with sustainable products and design, and reducing our business travel emissions. Our ambitions to reach carbon neutrality by 2025 were bold when we announced them in 2019, but our hunger and passion to contribute positively to the environment has resulted in us achieving this two years early. It’s all part of going further & doing more. Find out more about our commitment to becoming a zero carbon business here.

Leading Organisations

To achieve our Climate Action goals, Thakeham is working in partnership with leading organisations.

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