The site at Lower Horsebridge has already been identified as suitable for 130 new homes and has outline planning permission (Approved Planning Permission: WD/2019/1575/MAO). However, Stonewater are now seeking to revise the proposals to ensure quality new homes are delivered for local people.


With Wealden District Council currently not meeting its requirements for new homes delivery, the proposals for new affordable homes at Lower Horsebridge respond to the local housing need across Wealden District.


These new proposals are a full application for around 130 new homes, in a range of sizes and styles to help people move onto, and up the housing ladder, and for older people to downsize. The development also includes a minimum of 35% affordable homes. Our public consultation on these proposals ran from 28 December 2023 until 31 January 2024.

  • Lower Horsebridge
  • 35% affordable housing
  • Bedrooms One to four bedroom homes

Stonewater are a leading organisation that provide people with high quality, good value homes and services.

About the proposals

Around 130 new homes, including a sustainable mix of one, two, three and four bedroom homes to meet the needs of the local community.

A minimum of 35% affordable housing for local people, helping young people get onto the housing ladder.

Landscape-led development with new and enhanced landscape buffers.

We will protect and enhance the wildlife corridor to the south of the site.

A minimum of 10% biodiversity net gain on site including bird and bat boxes on some homes and hedgehog holes in fences.

Retention of high-quality mature trees, hedgerows and natural habitats alongside significant planting of new trees and shrubs.

Compliance with Part L Building Regulations which provide a 31% reduction in carbon emissions over baseline, supporting the ambitions of Wealden District Council’s Climate Emergency Plan.

Electric vehicle charging points on all homes and easily accessible secure cycle storage for flats.

Sustainable forms of renewable energy generation i.e. solar panels and air source heat pumps, where possible.

Improved access to existing pedestrian and local cycle links.

A multi-functional public open space for new and existing residents of Lower Horsebridge to enjoy.

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An award winning social housing provider

Creating vibrant, diverse communities where everyone can thrive.

Placemaking & public art

People, and the places they live, are at the centre of Stonewater’s community commitment. Hundreds of pieces of public art have been created through the annual Blunden Prize fund – from sensory gardens and mosaics to woodland trails and sculptural installations.

These bespoke commissions are created in collaboration with local communities and artists, to reflect and celebrate the area’s history and influences.

Opportunities to grow

Whether it’s providing funding for customer’s start-up business ideas, creating local apprenticeships or offering skills training, Stonewater is proud to support and nurture grass-roots opportunities in a wide range of ways.

This includes supporting local Community Champions who are passionate about the areas they live in, working to promote engagement and positive change.

Ambition & accountability

Stonewater were one of the first housing associations in the UK to adopt the Sustainability Reporting Standard (SRS), which focuses on 12 core themes including protection of local ecology, environmental impacts, resource and supply chain management.

This ensures everyone’s long terms interests are at the forefront of development, with clear accountability sitting alongside innovation and ethical values.

Longleigh Foundation

Longleigh is Stonewater’s award-winning, independent charity arm working at both individual and strategic levels.

It provides funding for practical local projects and groups customers are involved in, as well as support for community partnerships to bring about transformative change and longer-term influence on policy making at both national and local levels.

Sustainable Futures

Stonewater are working towards achieving net zero by 2050 and hold a gold standard SHIFT rating, which is an independent measure of environmental performance across all areas of the business. They take a holistic approach to the areas they work in, which includes enhancing open spaces to encourage greater biodiversity, green transport and community cohesion.

Working with the Community Forest Trust, they’ve planted almost 30,000 trees to date through their commitment to offset the timber used in new developments.

Partnership Working

Since partnering with HACT in 2021, Stonewater has delivered almost £30m in social returns over the past 3 years working with like-minded organisations to ensure social value is a key part of decision-making, performance measurement and operational excellence, driving positive outcomes for local communities.

Alongside this commitment, they work closely with local authorities and councils to link in with local services, including local area planning, education, transport, healthcare and wellbeing provision.

About Stonewater

Stonewater is an award-winning social housing provider – one of the largest in the UK with 37,500 homes for more than 80,000 customers.

Working closely with Local Authority partners, they deliver homes for people whose needs are not met by the open market. Stonewater developments usually provide a mix of shared ownership and affordable rent (which is set at 80% of market average). This means local people and families can remain where their roots are, in areas they might otherwise be priced out of. The Lower Horsebridge development will feature at least 35% affordable homes.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Stonewater are committed to investing in the areas they serve, with a long-term stake in community cohesion, enhancement and sustainability. All Stonewater customers meet specific financial and eligibility criteria – the majority being in work but on lower incomes. Customers are supported throughout their tenancy and Stonewater is proud to play a part in creating vibrant, diverse communities where everyone can thrive.

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